Welcome to JOKERS NETWORK – a unique and fun way of fundraising for charities, sports clubs, social groups and any other organisation involved in raising cash for a worthwhile cause.                                    


     But ……. with three big differences

                  When you join Jokers Network for an annual subscription of just

                                                         TWENTY POUNDS

                                                                  we will:

  1. Send you a weekly supply of great jokes, funny cartoons, hilarious videos and much, much more guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
  2. Pay out ten pounds commission to our members via a lucrative referral marketing system for helping us to “spread the word”.
  3. Allocate four pounds from each subscription to our charity fund to be donated to a wide range of registered charities around the country.

The Jokers Network secretary hard at work



We are still adding information and other features to this website so please feel free to email us with any questions that you have at this stage. For an example of the humour that you will receive each week, please visit the Sample Jokes page.

If you are ready to join, please go to the Join Now page to sign up for your Free Trial today. No card details required until the end of your trial.

If you decide to join you will start receiving the weekly humour from 1st September.



Jokers Network is a UK based business but we will be launching globally with a new website in January 2019. However, you can join now wherever you are located and start earning ……. today!

                                                FOUNDER MEMBER POSITIONS

We have reserved 1000 places for members who are seeking to make a serious income from this opportunity.

As a Founder Member you will receive a range of additional benefits including a share of the company profits each year.

The fee is just £75 and you will receive full support from our team in helping you to achieve your income target. If you would like more information on these positions, please tick the Founder Member option on the application form and we will contact you with full details. (You will be enrolled as a Free Trial member in order to secure your position pending your payment.)



                                       Our new video with a brief overview of how this                                                                                                         fun business works will be

                                                              available here soon.