About Us

The Team

The Jokers Network team has been assembled to provide a balanced mix of sales and marketing specialists along with our management, financial and technical experts to ensure the smooth running of the organisation.

In addition we have excellent legal and accounting personnel who oversee the compliance of all of the relevant rules and regulations for this type of business.

Finally, we have our “Jokers Panel” who not only make sure that our constant flow of suitable material is maintained, but they are also responsible for ensuring that what we present to our members does not offend anyone.


Our Mission

We have four main objectives at Jokers Network:

  1. To provide you with a weekly supply of great humour which is guaranteed to make you laugh.
  2. To give our members the opportunity to earn some extra cash just by introducing this to a few friends.
  3. To provide charities and other organisations wishing to raise funds for any worthwhile purpose with a system which will continue to raise cash indefinitely and not just on a one-off basis.
  4. To raise money for lots of charities, both local and national.

We feel that bringing these four important aspects together, we are able to make a big difference to many people’s lives in so many ways. We all need a good laugh from time to time and the humour that we present to our members is sure to put a smile on your face.

And who couldn’t do with some extra cash? This applies to many of our members as well as the fantastic charities that we support as many of them are finding raising money increasingly difficult these days.

Charity Donations

Most of us like to support those less fortunate than ourselves and Jokers Network has a mission to support as many UK charities as we can. Firstly, we offer any registered charity a free membership so that their own fundraisers can join beneath them. The fundraisers will then recruit others to join so that the charity will raise much-needed cash and they as individuals will also enjoy an income for him/herself so it’s very much a win-win scenario.

In addition, we will donate four pounds from every subscription to a range of charities to assist with their fundraising. For these donations, we will take into account the location of our members and we welcome any suggestions from our members about which charities to support.