Frequently Asked Questions

Are the jokes suitable for children?

Our policy is that members must be over 18 years of age. Some of the humour will be suitable for all ages but we recommend caution if you are allowing minors access to some of our content.

Can we send the jokes to our friends?

Yes, you are allowed to forward the jokes to any third party providing you send the entire email in which they are contained. This will help you to introduce Jokers Network to others who may wish to join and each email will be designed for you to send on as it will contain the appropriate wording to help you with this.

How do I know how much commission I’ve earned?

Every member has their own back office which they are able to access via the website. This provides you with full details of how many members are in your matrix, which ones you have been paid on already and which ones you are still owed commission for.

How often do we receive our commission and is there a minimum amount which we need to trigger a payment?

Commissions are paid every month subject to your credit being £25 or more with lesser amounts being carried forward to the next month. Full details of all payments will appear in your back office on the website.

Are there any monthly charges when I receive my commission statement and payment?

Yes. There will be a small service charge which is designed primarily to cover the cost for us to transfer your commission each month and it will reflect the amount that we have to pay in bank fees along with our admin. It’s not possible to absorb this out of the small margin that we receive from your annual subscription, but every effort will be made to keep this figure as low as possible. The service charge is currently five pounds sterling and will only be charged when you receive a commission payment.

What if I don’t introduce anyone to join?

No problem as the introduction of other members is completely optional and is not a condition of your membership. However, if you do not introduce anyone, you will not receive any commission payment. You will only be entitled to commission if you introduce at least one new member and the number of members in your matrix is 25 or more so that you meet the minimum credit of £25 in order to trigger a commission payment. Credits of less than £25 will be carried forward to the next month and in the event that this figure is not attained, they can be used towards your renewal subscription or paid to you should you decide not to renew for any reason after the initial 12 months.

Is there a maximum number of members that I can introduce?

No, there is no limit and every one that you introduce will be placed directly beneath you on your first level.

Am I guaranteed renewal of my subscription for future years?

Yes, providing you have not breached any of the terms and conditions to which you agree to abide by when joining.

Can I hold my membership in the name of a company?

Yes, providing you have the authority to sign our membership application on behalf of that company.

Can I have more than one membership?

No, each member can only hold one position. However, there is no restriction on other family members holding their own position.

Do I have to declare my income for tax purposes?

Yes, you must inform the Inland Revenue of all of your income irrespective of how it is earned. You will be liable for any tax that is due to be paid.

Are there any plans for an Annual Convention?

Yes, we intend to hold a members convention each year and it will be a day to remember! More on this in due course.

How does the Joke Competition work?

We request that our members send us their favourite jokes as it will help us to maintain the highest possible standard of humour that we provide. We will select the best three (in the opinion of our “Jokers Panel” whose decision shall be final!) and there will be prize money for the best one and the two runners up. All entries will be considered for inclusion in future mail-outs.