Anti-spam Policy

Members of Jokers Network agree to abide by the following conditions regarding any activity which may be deemed to be unacceptable in the contact of any third party.

Illegal Activity

Members may not present Jokers Network in any publication, email or any other distribution method that may be regarded as objectionable or unacceptable which may result in bringing Jokers Network, its members or its employees into disrepute.

How Jokers Network Defines Spam

Spam is any promotion, information or solicitation that is sent to a person via email who has not given you their explicit permission to send email to them.  Any email campaign that does not conform to the CAN-SPAM requirements, and/or email that includes prohibited content, and/or is similar to any of the SPAM examples below, is SPAM.

Examples of Spam

  • Any email message that is sent to a recipient who had previously signed up to receive newsletters, product information or any other type of bulk email, but later opted-out by indicating to the sender that they did not want to receive an additional email, then that email is spam.
  • Any email message that is sent to a recipient without a way for a person to opt-out or request that future mailings not be sent to them, is spam.
  • Any email message that is sent to non-specific addresses such as:,,,, or other general addresses.
  • Any email messages sent to a purchased list of email contacts.
  • Any email message that does not have a valid email address in the From Line is spam.
  • Any email that does not include a valid physical address. A phone number is also recommended but not required.
  • Any email message that contains any false or misleading information in the header, subject line or message itself is spam.
  • Any email that implies guaranteed or likely earnings from home is spam.
  • Any anonymous email or emails that do not contain the required elements. Since spammers often use anonymous email accounts to do their work, you can’t create a trial account using some anonymous,, etc. email account.

What Is Not Spam

Below are examples of content that is not considered SPAM:

  • Any time an organization sends a mass email message to its present and/or past customers, it is NOT spam provided that the organization offers a way for the customer to opt-out of future mailings and that the customer did not previously opt-out.
  • An email message is NOT spam if the recipients in any way requested email to be sent to them from the sender or the sender’s organization and they have not opted-out of your list.
  • An email message is NOT spam when sent to recipients who agreed to receive information or promotions from a partner organization (as long as there is a clear opt-out option).
  • An email message is NOT spam if it abides by Jokers Network’s terms of service and is sent to a recipient who attended a show, event, function, webinar or similar, and they have provided you with their email address and contact information with the understanding that they may receive future correspondence and the recipient did not previously opt-out.
  • A message is NOT spam if it is sent to addresses that have been properly collected using opt-in policies from your website, or from a partner site, or through a co-registration site/form, so long as the recipients are made aware at the time of sign up that they may receive emails from third parties.
  • All emails must include a relevant title, from and reply-to address that is a valid email address, a physical address and phone number.

It’s in the best interests of Jokers Network and its members to comply with these conditions because our reputation depends on it. If you are a spammer and do not abide by our terms of service, we reserve the right to terminate your account immediately and without refund.